What we do :  tax reporting, executors, legal assessments

Your income and your inheritance constitute an integral part of your life and privacy.  This is  something we understand completely and can assure you that our discretion will be optimum in the handling of all your business and private transactions.  Our team of dedicated professionals will be constantly on hand to provide you with a first class service.   We make it our duty to be permanently conversant with current and future laws and their practice.

Our approach to tax issues is not merely about form filling and annual declarations.  Ever changing, your inheritance can either be a burden or a delight.  It is constantly moving, it is alive and we are there to keep it alive and to make it thrive !  Our duty is to advise you wisely, implement solutions, take appropriate action and to plan for its future......which is so intimately related to yours.

We are also regularly appointed as executors:  we endeavour rapidly to comprehend and evaluate the situation, to get to know the persons involved, their concerns and wishes.  We strive to avoid litigation and to search for the best solution for all parties.

Our firm is officially renowned for its competence and diligence and is regularly called upon by the Courts to carry out financial appraisals in the course of judicial proceedings.